News for October 2017

The Theatre Inventory Database – Version 7-10 has just been released.  The new features include – keeping a Costume Piece Repair history – now you can keep track of many repairs and alterations for a garment, the Performer / Student record now has 2 new fields – School Year (to track when students graduate) and Outseam – for help measuring pants.  Contact us if you want to upgrade.

We are getting ready for the NAfME (National Assoc. for Music Educators) conference in Dallas (Grapevine), Tx in November.  I will be demonstrating the Uniform Inventory Database which helps you catalog your Uniforms (Band, Orchestra, Drum Corps, Choirs,etc), Musical Instruments, Equipment and Props (Flags, etc) and Sheet Music.  I hope to see lots of music teachers and band directors there.

We have a lot of Ultimate Ditty Bags in stock now – please place your orders before Dec 15th if you need them in January.

The Store ( now accepts reviews of products.  If you have purchased a product and want to leave us a review – we would really appreciate it.  All reviews (good and bad) help our customers make choices of what is best for them to buy.

New Resource Guide – Printing Your Own Tags.   Several customers have asked about printing their own tags and labels with barcodes.  I have prepared a Resource Guide to explain what you need to set up and start printing.  Take a look if you are interested.

As always – if you have any questions or would like to receive any free samples – please call or email us.

Call Toll Free:  855-468-8247


Looking ahead to your fall productions?








Putting a production together takes a lot of work.  We are here to help you with your Costumes, Props, Wigs, Pattern, Sound, Lighting Equipment and Tools.

Our Theatre Inventory Database (Costumes, Props, Wigs, Scripts), Equipment Inventory Database (Lighting & Sound/Media Equipment, Tools), Pattern Inventory Database and the Uniform Inventory Database are easy-to-use and full featured database software applications.  Free 30-day trial – just visit the website.

We are happy to print inventory tags customized with your theatre/school/company logo and any text you wish.  The Petite Press is a great tool for applying the Iron-on tags.  We have 2 types of Barcode scanners to make entering costume tag ID’s and checking out and checking in costumes/props easy.

To help back stage we have the Ultimate Ditty Bag and Rack dividers.

Visit our website today or give us a call so you can see how we can help you.             1/855-468-8247

Are you ready for Nutcracker?


The Nutcracker is one of the largest yearly events for most ballet companies.  Dancers and community members look forward to it every year.  But for the ballet companies and the army of volunteers that work to put it together every year, it is a huge job.  Are you ready for this year??

The Theatre Inventory Database is designed to help you inventory your costumes, record dancers’ measurements and contact info, create a production record for each dance/movement in the ballet, list roles for each production, and assign dancers and their costumes to a role.  From all this you can print a variety of reports including cast lists, lists of performers and their roles, list of costume pieces used, and more.

Our custom printed inventory tags are easy to apply to costumes and can be scanned with a barcode reader to make it easy to find a costume piece record or check out a costume to performer.

Contact us if you would like to see a demo of the software or receive free sample inventory tags.  We are here to help !

Upcoming Conferences – Stop by !

We will be attending and have a booth at these upcoming Conferences

          EdTA National Conference – Sept 14 – 16, 2017 Nashville, TN – Tulip Grove Ballroom

          NAfME – November 12-14, 2017 – Dallas, TX

          TETA – January 24 – 27, 2018 Galveston, TX

          USITT – March 14-17, 2018 Ft. Lauderdale, FL – Booth # 2624

We hope you will stop by to see our latest software, tags & labels, the Ultimate Ditty Bag and more.

Stage Directions – Theatre Resources Directory


Look for our ad in Stage Directions Theatre Resources Directory

If you can tell us what page # our ad is on – I will send you a 10% Discount coupon to use on your next order !

Creating Organized Storage Boxes


Click here to read/download the newest Resource Guide – Creating Organized Storage Boxes.  This Resource Guide will give you all the steps and list of materials you need to create stacks of organized boxes and bins.

Theatre Inventory Database – New Version !

The latest version of the Theatre Inventory Database (7-5) is now available for download.

The new features include:

Inventory Owner Module has been improved with new features, reports and rental receipts.InvOwner

The Props/Sets module – you can keep a Repair History and new fields for “Can it Be Painted?”, “Can it be Stood On?”, “Is it Functional? ” .  Props can also be Added to Ensembles (so if an actor needs to carry a sword or shield it can be added to the Ensemble record).


The Patterns records has a new field for Pattern Year and a Photo Gallery for Costumes made from the pattern.


Wigs Module – a few updates to the wig rental modules

New Performer Audition fields including 3 places for videos and 1 pdf/doc file

AudtionInfoNew Reports – List of Costumes for Performance sorted by Cleaning Codes, List of Ensembles by Date Updated, New Box report

If you currently have an earlier version of the Theatre Inventory Database and would like to upgrade to 7-5, please contact me so that I can help you.  Upgrades to the newest verisons are available for free for the first year then $75 after that.

A List of New Features is in the User Guide here.

Equipment Inventory Database is here !


The Equipment Inventory Database with the Lighting, Sound, and Tools modules is finally finished and ready to download.  It has the following features:

1)  Lighting Inventory Database – to track Fixtures, Accessories, Gobos, and Gels.  You can rent all lighting items to other organizations.  You can assign Fixtures with their Accessories, Gobos and Gels to a Fixture In Use record for a Production so you can track all lighting equipment used in a Production.  New fields have been added to the Fixture record to make it more complete.  The Gobos now has a Photo Gallery screen to view all the images of the Gobos you have entered.

2)  Sound Inventory Database – to track all Sound and A/V Equipment.  Sound Equipment can be rented to other organizations.  Sound Equipment – such as Mic Packs – can also be assigned to performers in a Production.  Hopefully this will make it easier to keep track of them all !

3)  Tools Inventory Database – to track Tools and other Equipment from the Scene Shop or back stage.  Tools can be checked out to other organizations.

4)  All databases have extensive search functions and reports to print to your printer or a PDF to email or post on a website.

The User Guide is not quite ready but check back for updates from the Equipment Inventory Database page.

To download the 30-day free trial – click here.

News for March, 2017

We have a new features and new products to announce plus we hope to see you at USITT in St. Louis March 8th.

Theatre Inventory Database –

New Module – Wigs!  
The Wigs module allows you to enter descriptive data on your wigs, add up to 6 photos, do searches and reports, check them out to Individuals and Organizations.  The Wigs module is an “add-on” to the Theatre Inventory Database and is $75.

New Features:
Connect Props and Wigs to Ensembles – now you can add props (like weapons or musical instruments) and wigs to an Ensemble record so you can print out the full list of what an actor wears and carries in a production.
Performers Audition Materials – On the Performer’s screen there is a new tab for Audition material.  You can link to 3 videos, a PDF and one additional image.

New Reports:
List all Costumes from a Production by Cleaning Codes. After a production is finished you can print a report of all the costume pieces that are assigned to the Ensembles.  The records will be grouped by Cleaning Codes.  (Thanks to Laurie L. for requesting this.)
Search Ensembles by Date Updated and print a list of all Ensembles with their Costume Pieces listed. (Thanks to Kathryn for this request)
Box Reports have been updated – The Box Reports are designed to go on the outside of a storage box or bin.  You can print the report by Storage Location and Box/Bin.  There are 5 different style reports to show all the items in the box or a summary. (We now offer the 4″ x 6″ adhesive pockets to hold the box report on the box/bin – see below).

The newest version – 7-2 will be released on March 7th.  If you are interested in updating your current installation to this one, please contact me after March 12th (when I get back from USITT).  Updates in the first 12 months after purchase are free, after that they are $75.

Equipment Inventory Database

The Equipment Inventory Database contains the Lighting, Sound and Equipment/Tools modules.  There aren’t any new features to the modules but they are all contained in a single application.  Each module has a price but there are discounts applied to purchasing multiple modules.  Look to download it after March 13th.

USITT – St. Louis – March 8-11

We are still busy getting everything ready for USITT.  We hope you will be coming to St. Louis next week and will stop by our booth – #327.  If you are in the St. Louis area and would like a free pass to the Expo (where all the booths are) click here: and when prompted enter this code to get the free pass:  CIR327 .  The Expo dates are Thursday & Friday, March 9th and 10th – 11am – 5:30 pm and Saturday March 11th from 9:30 to 2 pm.

At my booth I will be showing the newest version of the Theatre Inventory Database with the Wigs Module, new reports and other features.  I will also be showing the updated Equipment Inventory Database with the Lighting, Sound and Equipment modules.  As always I will have lots of brochures and free tape measures for everyone.  My booth is behind Oregon Shakespeare Festival’s Costume Rental.  Look for the Disney booth and keep walking.

On Wednesday I will be giving a  presentation is “Theatre Inventory Management – Where Do I Start ? “.  I will be showing a 7 step plan that will help you plan and prepare a proposal to get funding for the project.  I will also be showing the “Become The Expert” series of free lessons to help you learn about inventory management, some computer basics, taking photos for the inventory project and the essential skills for using the Theatre Inventory Database to its best advantage.

New Product: 4″ x 6″ Adhesive Pockets for Box Reports.

Several customers asked how they can attach the 4″ x 6″ Box Reports to their small and medium sized storage boxes.  We found a source for 4″ x 6″ adhesive pockets and now offer them in packages of 15 pockets.  See the photo above of the 2 boxes.  The smaller box has the 4″ x 6″ pocket.  The larger box report is in a a regular sheet protector that is taped on the box.  The 4″ x 6″ pockets are made of heavy vinyl and have a good adhesive to make them really stick. Get your boxes organized and labeled so you can tell at a glance what is inside without having to open them.

Ultimate Ditty Bags – Our Ditty Bags are becoming quite popular so we ordered more to be made and they are now in stock ready to be cutomized for you.  We are now able to offer discounts for quantities of 10 bags or more.  Check out the store to see the latest photos and prices.

Please check our website ( for any updates as they become available.
Please contact us if you have any questions about the software, tags or other products.

As a quick reminder – while I am at USITT (March 7 – 11) I will not be able to process any orders.  I will take care of all of them when I return on Monday, March 13th.

New Store !

We have created a new Costume Inventory Store to help you purchase our products.  We hope you like it.  Please let us know if you have any questions or find something that we left out.

We really appreciate your business and wanted to make your shopping trip as easy as possible.

We will be increasing prices in January (sorry) so take a look at things before the prices go up.


Theatre Inventory Database 6-10

We’ve been working on several new features for the Theatre Inventory Database 6-10.  The database is ready to download from our website.  If you wish to upgrade your current database to this one, please let us know so we can help.  Upgrades in the first year of your purchase are free!

New Features:
Roles in Productions – The Act/Look field has been moved to a new tab.
Checkout/Rental reports updated – More fields have been added to the reports.
New Scripts reports – Now print reports for all scripts and all students
New Performer fields – More measurement fields
Quick View on Costume Photo Gallery – New popup with costume info

Look for the descriptions and screen prints in the “New Features” section of the User Guide here.