Dedicated Server option Discontinued

The “Dedicated Server” installation option is being discontinued.

As of February 29th, the Dedicated server will be turned off.  There were never enough accounts to pay for the service.  I felt it was a good option for theatre companies and schools to have access from a variety of devices and locations but the monthly fees were too much for organizations to manage.

If you would like to discuss this option with me, please contact met as soon as possible.

Standard shipping prices increasing

The Post Office has increased their rates for Priority Mail by as much as 18% !  Yikes.  For orders less than $45 the shipping rate is now $6.95 to cover the cost of the small box or padded envelope.  Sorry for the increase but I have to pass these costs along.

Rack dividers will be going up $3 in March.

Thanks !

Theatre Inventory Database 6 – New features

Version 6 of the Theatre Inventory Database is here.  The most useful new features are:

  1.  Costume Piece and Props records can now have 6 photos each.  The main photo is at the top and there is a small tab control below it with tabs for photos 2 – 6.  CostumePieces-Resize





CostumePieces -View All Photos

To view all photos – there is a “View All Photos” button which will display then all together.






The Costume Piece Report will print all 6 photos:CostumePieceReport








2)  The Productions screen can now display the 1st photo of each costume piece, ensemble, performer and prop/set piece assigned to a production.















3.  The titles of the Application, Productions, Checkout/Rental and Performers/Individuals can be changed.  On the Utilities menu there are options to add/edit the list of choices for each title.







To change a title that will be displayed go to the Company/Application Information screen (Utilities Menu).  Look for the Drop-down boxes and make your selection.








4)  In version 5 the database was split between two files:  the Theatre Inventory Database 6-1.accdr which holds the forms, reports and program code; and Theatre Inventory Database-DATAONLY.accdb – the data tables.  This makes the database much more efficient and easier to use in a multi-user environment.  But – if the database tables were moved or it was installed in a different directory than the program expected – the database application would not open.  Now when the database opens if it cannot find the data tables file it will prompt you to select the directory where the file is and relink the tables.  (See the User Guide for more information.)

5)   There were several small changes to the User Security settings to make sure all forms conform to the rules.

6)  The Scripts form now has a Storage Location field so you can assign a location to each set of scripts.

Please let us know what you think of the new features.  If you have version 5 (5-1, -3, -11 etc.) you can upgrade for free.  Versions 2,3 and 4 can upgrade for a $75 fee.  You will need to send me your database and I will import your data to the new structure and send it back.

The User Guide will be updated with new information and photos soon.

*** Note – for some reason the dbPix30 installation (a required part of the installation package) will sometimes (but not always) give you a “TWAIN.dll” error message.  Just click “Ignore” and it will go away.  The company that makes dbPix is working on a solution.


The Complete Theatre Inventory Database Package !

We are now offering a Complete Theatre Inventory Database Package and a Complete Uniform Inventory Database Package.  Both packages include software, tags and labels plus the Dritz Petite Press Mini Iron and your choice of a bar code scanner.









The Complete package includes the database + 1,000 tags, 250 labels, plus Petite Press, Barcode Scanner
Complete Package – Theatre Inventory Database – Elite $ 700.00
Complete Package – Theatre Inventory Database – Standard $ 600.00

We offer two barcode scanners:

The Adesso 2100 U USB Barcode scanner:  ($85 if bought separately)Adesso2100U






TaoTronics Wireless USB Barcode Scanner ($75 if bought separately) BarcodeScanner-Wireless







The Dritz Petite Press – portable mini iron is a great way to apply the iron-on tags.  We highly recommend this iron.


Dritz Petite Press











The Startup Packages are still available if you just want the software and tags.

The Startup package includes the database + 1,000 tags, 250 labels
Startup Package – Theatre Inventory Database – Elite $ 585.00
Startup Package – Theatre Inventory Database – Standard $ 485.00

The Complete Uniform Inventory Database Package includes the database + 250 tags, 250 labels, plus Petite Press, Barcode Scanner
Complete Package – Uniform Inventory Database $450.00

The Startup package includes the Uniform Inventory database + 250 tags, 250 labels
Startup Package – Uniform Inventory Database $ 350.00

Petite Press and Barcode Scanners available

Several customers have asked me to carry the Dritz Petite Press and Barcode scanners in my webstore – so now we have them (almost).

The Dritz Petite Press is available for $35.  You can still buy these at sewing stores but if it is easier to purchase it at the same time as your inventory tags, then look for the Petite Press in the Supplies section of the store.

The Petite Press is ideal for applying the Iron-on inventory tags.  It is small so it fits inside a garment, it gets very hot so it will heat the adhesive well, and it light weight and easy to use.



Dritz Petite Press










I do not have the barcode scanners in yet but I will be carrying the Adesso 2100 U – which has a cord and plugs into the USB port – and – the TaoTronics 2.4GHZ Handheld Wireless scanner that has a USB receiver (a small device that plugs into the USB port – similar to a wireless mouse).  If you are interested in getting a barcode scanner, contact us and we cangive you the date they will be in.





Adesso 2100U


Wireless Barcode Scanner





Theatre Inventory Database 5-9 – New Features

The Theatre Inventory Database has been updated to version 5-9.  The big difference is the look of the screens – new font and buttons.










Here is a list of the other most important changes:

1) The setup file is now a “Signed” file so when you install it the operating system will recognize this file as coming from a known and trusted publisher (Costume Inventory Resources). For most setups the security warning regarding opening the database file will not appear any more. For some highly secure computers you may still see a warning message.







2) The forms have all been updated with a new font and button styles and the MS Access version upgraded to 2010. The database has a new, fresher look and more consistency between modules. You may notice that the tab controls are different colors now. Occasionally the text on the tab is a little slow to refresh but give it a second or click on the Refresh Lookups button to repaint the screen. If you only have MS Access 2007 you will need to upgrade to 2010 or 2013 to use version 5-7 and above. If you have questions, please contact us.









3) The sorting of the Storage Locations for Costumes and Props has been improved to sort mixed text and numbers more accurately. In the past you might see Box 1, Box 10, Box 2. Now it will sort Box 1, Box 2, Box 10.

4) A new feature of the on-line User Guide is the “Known Issues” section. Any issues that we know of with the database and / or different setup options will be listed there.  In addition the User Guide has more sections completed.  More content will be added all the time but take a look now:  Theatre Inventory User Guide

5)  The Backup Utility has been improved to back up to external drives or USB drives and shows a Backup Log to show you how many backups you have an where they are.

6) The Production tabs for Costume Pieces and Props have been updated to allow you to select Costume Pieces / Props from this screen as well as the Costume Pieces screen and the Props screen.

7) The Theatre Inventory Connect! website is temporarily closed. In version 5-7 and above the links to the Connect! tabs have been removed.

8) Open Window Message:  If you have 7 or more windows / tabs open the program will give you a popup message telling you :

8windowsMS Access keeps track of the number of tabs you have open. If you get 12 or more windows/tabs open the database will get very slow or stop and give you a lot of odd messages (such as ‘you have too many databases open’). Just close a few unneeded tabs and the database will keep running smoothly.


Contact us today if you would like to upgrade your version to the new one!




Uniform Inventory Database

The Uniform Inventory Database is here !

Several customers have asked for a way to track uniforms – for their music program, marching band, athletic teams or their employees.  So – now there is a Uniform Inventory Database with 4 modules:  Uniforms, Musical Instruments, Equipment / Props, and Music/Scores.  All 4 modules are installed at startup but you can un-install the ones you don’t need.  Along with the 4 modules there is a module for Activities – such as classes or activities where the uniforms,  instruments, or equipment/props are used, a Checkout module to check out the uniforms, instruments, equipment etc to students or employees and a module to track your people – students or employees or team members.  Sheet music or scores can be checked out to students/members as well.  The Activities and People modules can be customized to display the title you want.  The Activities can be called “Classes”, “Activities”,”Teams”, “Departments” etc.  The People can be called “Students”, “Employees”, “Team Members” and several more options.  Price:  $250.  Also available is a Uniform Startup Package which includes the software and 250 inventory tags and 250 adhesive labels ($325).

Download the free 30-day trial here.

Combine the Uniform Inventory Database with the Inventory Tags and you have a winning combination!







Utimate Ditty Bag Kit available soon – pre-order now!

The Ultimate Ditty Bag Kit !!DSF-06324-Ditty_Bag_full2

This is a kit with all the pre-cut fabric and notions plus the illustrated instructions for sewing the bag together. All you need is a sewing machine (and serger is recommended) and thread.  The sewing instructions are easy to follow.  There are quite a few steps as there are many pockets but most seamstresses with basic sewing skills can put together a bag in about 2 hours.

The kit is available for pre-orders now.  We will start shipping by Oct 1st.
Price $35 each, If you order 10 or more – $32.50 each – shipping included.

Tag Durability Test Results

With the new iron-on material and questions from customers about writing on tags we decided to run a new Tag Durability test.

We used the current sew-in tag material and the new iron-on tag material.  We applied the tags to a navy blue polyester/cotton napkin.  Four different markers were used to test how the ink would hold up after 20 washes/drys.

The markers used were:  Sharpie – Ultrafine point, Sharpie Fine Point, Newhouse No. 1 All Purpose marker (Ball point pen)  and Staedtler Lumocolor permanent laundry marker.

All the markers did well but we felt the Staedtler Lumocolor marker worked best.  The Newhouse Ball Point Pen was used to mark the number of washes and it didn’t do as well on the Sew-in material as it did on the Iron-on material.

You will see that the iron-on material picked up some dye from the fabric and the ink but they are all still quite readable and the barcodes still scan quickly.

If you would like to receive some sample tags to test them yourself, please contact us and we will send them right away.

Sources for the Staedler Lumocolor marker:

Source for the Newhouse Marker:

Photo of Durability Test  tags after 20 washes / drys:


New Iron-on Tags

Recently the manufacturer of the Iron-on Tag Material changed their product.  The new tag material has a much smoother surface, is a bit thicker, and lasts a lot longer through the washes and dry cleans.  The smoother image allows for the graphics and barcodes to print better.  The images are sharper and with good contrast.  The barcode lines are complete (not a bar of dots).

You will notice a new feel to the material.  It may feel a bit rubber-y but it irons on beautifully.

The only drawback that I have found is that the material will pick up dye more readily than the old material.  If you have a fabic that bleeds the white tag material will pick up the color some what.  If you intend to dye the fabric or finished garment it would be best to wait to apply the tag after the dying process is finished.










If you would like to receive some free samples of this material, please let me know –

The next blog post shows the durability test results for both the Iron-on and Sew-in tags.

Theatre Inventory Connect ! – under construction

Business Card 2015-Jan AS BANNER





The 1st version of the Theatre Inventory Connect product, which is designed to allow organizations to list rentals for web visitors to view, has not been well received.  We have taken the site down for now and are reviewing new design ideas.  If you have any ideas of what you would like to see, please let us know.



New WebStore is Ready !

We have a new Webstore !   The old store had problems with processing credit card payments and was limiting the number of Items I could display.

The new store is still accessible from the main website – – look for the “Store” link at the top.  Or you can go directly to the store at:

The credit card processing is very easy and secure.  You may still choose to pay with PayPal or call to give me the information over the phone but the option to pay with a credit card is now easy to do.

You may notice a little change on the pricing of inventory tags in large quantities.  The new store allows me to do a % discount for the larger quantities and the prices may be a few dollars less than what the old store charged.  I will be updating the price list soon to reflect these lower prices.  I will be adding more photos and screen prints as well.

Visit the new store and let me know how you like it!